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Why shop posters online at Posterkid?

We make rooms personal with professional print and posters made exclusively for you. Our printers print with up to 12 colors. Which gives you the best possible sharpness and detail. Colors and shades get a whole new meaning. We print all our posters on quality paper. The paper is manufactured in Sweden and holds a quality of 200 grams. This means that you get a poster of very high quality.

Why shop posters online at Posterkid?

We print personal posters of the highest possible quality. We designs are unique and you can only buy them from us. We have personal collaborations with illustrators and designers around the world. For us, it is important to be unique and to be involved in creating memorable art from the most beautiful that exists – children and family.

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Since 2018 we have made personal posters and art for kids and families. For us our family is the most important and beautiful thing in life. That is why we think posters that is custom made with family data and details are the most valuable and beautify wall art you can buy.

Our personal poster can be customized to make it unique for every customer. We print all our posters on-demand – meaning we have no stock and only print when we have an actually order – in this why we save our environment.

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